Pony Gold is a remarkably gifted music project led by the extraordinary Theresa Pasaluko and Matt Bromley. Pasaluko has a thunderous voice, an astute aptitude for songwriting. Her voice is complex, dynamic and could collapse the Vatican. Bromley is a wildly talented guitar player and arranger, his slide guitar conducts emotion as copper wire conducts electricity. Their compatibility is the magic that is Pony Gold, and their dynamic skill set fuses together seamlessly. Pony Gold emanates a rare intimacy that feels as if you’re in the same room the songs were written in. 


Pony Gold is a project founded in 2019, however they have been playing together under various names for years (Violet, The Great Yonder, self titled). The duo hails from the small yet musically infused city of Victoria BC, Canada. They perform as both a duo and as a four or five-piece band. Their performances are a gorgeous collection of songs straight from the basement of their dusty souls, notorious for taking you on a scenic journey that begins soft and sultry, and ends in a wall of sound. The lyrics are drenched in emotion and elevated through the power of Pasaluko’s otherworldly voice.


Theresa is influenced by the likes of other female powerhouses such as Lucinda Williams, Loretta Lynn, and Kathleen Edwards. The honesty, fervour, and striking presence of these artists speak to those familiar qualities in her. She seamlessly fuses together the best parts of country, soul, and rock and roll. It is elegant, yet has conflict. 


Matt’s tapestry of instrumental talent provides an integral edge to the music. Influenced by the likes of Ry Cooder, The Allman Brothers, and Freddie King, is guitar is like an extension of his soul.


Matt was born to play and Theresa was born to sing, which is apparent in their sound. You can get lost in the depths of this music and find yourself somewhere in there.